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Albuquerque New Mexico Real Estate Agents is a group of Albuquerque real estate agents who serve the Albuquerque area. We also have access to a network of agents who can help people with their real estate needs anywhere in North America. By using our buying form we take the work out of finding a home. One of our agents will contact you and find Albuquerque real estate listings to suit your needs. If you are selling a home, our agents will help you with the market evaluation and the sale of your home.

Our focus is on Albuquerque real estate; however, we try to provide a complete service. Whether you need immigration services or home design services, we have a team of professionals ready to help you.
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Our Albuquerque representative

Margaret McDonnell
She has worked in the real estate industry for 13 years and 3 years as Relocation Coordinator. Her experience has brought her a sense of knowledge, professionalism, and experience when dealing with clients. She handles clients with compassion, detail, and extensive follow-up.

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